Facebook Adopts Visual Studio Code Internally Following Microsoft Partnership

Posted on November 19, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev with 2 Comments

It’s no secret Visual Studio Code is a great development environment. Microsoft’s open-sourced code editor has grown to be something really amazing, loved by independent developers, as well as tech companies all around the world.

And Facebook is the latest company to be adopting the development tool.

Facebook is today announcing that the company has started adopting Visual Studio Code internally, with the editor being used extensively across the company in beta. Facebook also announced that the company is working with Microsoft to improve Visual Studio code’s remote development features as part of the move to Visual Studio Code.

Facebook noted that the company decided to make its switch to Visual Studio Code due to its cross-platform functionalities, and the powerful extension API. “Visual Studio Code is a platform we can safely bet our development platform future,” said the company. “Visual Studio Code is now an established part of Facebook’s development future,”  the company later added.

Facebook is working closely with Microsoft to further improve Visual Studio Code’s remote development extensions to allow remote development at scale with the editor. Microsoft used Facebook’s feedback and input to improve Visual Studio Code’s remote development experience, which later allowed Facebook to move off its own custom solution. And since Visual Studio Code is open-source, all of these improvements are available to anyone using Visual Studio code.

Facebook will continue to contribute improvements to Visual StudioCode to make it the IDE of choice internally at the company. The company is also working on integrating its internal source control infrastructure into Visual Studio Code and hopes to continue working with Microsoft going forward.

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2 responses to “Facebook Adopts Visual Studio Code Internally Following Microsoft Partnership”

  1. rm

    Given how big a company Facebook is, that is a big win for VSC.

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