Flutter Now Supports CodePen

Google’s Flutter cross-platform mobile app framework now supports the CodePen social development environment.

“CodePen has been a big fan of Flutter and the Dart programming language for years,” CodePen co-founder Alex Vazquez says. “We’re pretty pumped that Flutter now supports mobile and the web. The Flutter community is growing fast, which is why we’re excited to support Flutter with its own custom CodePen editor! Flutter is officially a first-class member of the CodePen community. We can’t wait to see what you build with Flutter on CodePen.”

CodePen is a social development environment that supports millions of front-end web developers and designers. As Google’s Zoey Fan explains, this new support will allow creative professionals to leverage CodePen to discover artistic Flutter inspirations, build Flutter portfolios, and showcase Flutter ideas to the world.

CodePen’s Flutter editor was made possible when Google open-sourced dart-services, the back-end service that powers its own web-based editor, called DartPad. Fan says that the firm specifically decided to open-source dart-services so that sites like CodePen could tailor it to new scenarios and audiences. So where DartPad is more of a traditional code editor, the CodePen Flutter editor is more “right-brained,” and aimed at allowing designers to prototype ideas for creative expression and design inspiration.

You can learn more about CodePen on its website.

In related news, Google also recently announced a free new introductory Flutter course that is available now on The App Brewery. This course contains the first 10 hours of that service’s Complete Flutter Development Bootcamp and looks interesting.

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