Flutter Has 500,000 Active Developers

Posted on April 22, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Google, Mobile with 0 Comments

Google announced today that there are now over 500,000 developers using its Flutter cross-platform framework each month. And over 2 million developers have used Flutter since it was first released 16 months ago.

As part of this announcement, the firm also provided some other interesting insights into Flutter adoption:

Most Flutter developers use Windows. 60 percent of Flutter development occurs on Windows, vs. 27 percent on macOS and 13 percent on Linux.

Most Flutter developers work for startups. 35 percent of Flutter developers work for startups, but the enterprise, with 26 percent usage, is moving up fast. 19 percent of developers are self-employed, and 7 percent work for design agencies.

Stable is king. 78 percent of Flutter developers use the stable channel vs. 11 percent on beta and 11 percent on dev or master.

India and China are the hotspots. The top five territories for Flutter usage in order are India, China, the United States, the EU, and Brazil.

50,000 apps in the Play Store. There are approximately 50,000 Flutter apps in the Google Play Store, with nearly 10,000 uploaded in the last month alone.

Additionally, Google revealed that it was adjusting its Flutter release schedule.

“Starting with the April release of Flutter, we are moving to a branching model with a stabilization period for beta and stable releases,” the announcement post notes. “We will now branch at the beginning of the month for a beta release and stabilize this release by cherry-picking any critical fixes. Roughly once a quarter, the current beta branch will be promoted to our stable release. We will continue to do hotfixes on this release if necessary.”

Google plans to ship the next stable release of Flutter next week.

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