Visual Studio Code Now Supports M1 Macs

Posted on March 5, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Dev, Mac and macOS with 3 Comments

The February 2021 release of Visual Studio Code brings several new features to Microsoft’s modern code editor, key among support for M1-based Macs.

“We are happy to announce our first release of stable Apple Silicon builds this iteration,” Microsoft explains. “Users on Macs with M1 chips can now use VS Code without emulation with Rosetta, and will notice better performance and longer battery life when running VS Code. Thanks to the community for self-hosting with the Insiders build and reporting issues early in the iteration.”

This update increments Visual Studio Code to version 1.54. Microsoft highlights the following updates in this release:

It’s not entirely clear, but I believe that users with M1-based Macs who update Visual Studio Code will simply get the Universal version of the app, which works natively on both M1- and Intel-based Macs. That is, they shouldn’t have to uninstall Visual Studio Code and then reinstall it. But those who wish to just install the M1 (or Intel) version of Code can do so as well.

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4 responses to “Visual Studio Code Now Supports M1 Macs”

  1. wright_is

    In other news, the Raspberry Pi Foundation landed in hot water by "secretly" adding the Microsoft VSCode repository into the apt list on the latest PiOS.

    Part of the latest update was a post-install script that added the repository to the official list.

  2. angusmatheson

    I was talking to a friend who had also lived through the power PC to intel transition - and we remarked how painful that transition was. With problems with Rosetta and slow switch to native intel programs. I’m amazed at how painless this transition is. I’ve used Rosetta 2 and it worked great and how fast programs are being transitioned to native apple silicon. It really takes the fun and pain of being a fanboi on the bleeding edge. I think Steve Jobs would be proud that “it just works”" iTunes in the PC in 2021 is a different story. It is clearly no longer a glass of ice water to someone in hell.

  3. vladimir

    Does VS code support WOA?

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