You Can Register for Alexa Developer Event Now

Posted on June 15, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Amazon, Dev, Smart Home with 1 Comment

Interested developers can now register for Amazon’s Alexa Live 2021 virtual event, which will be held on July 21 at 9 am PT/12 pm ET.

“Our vision for Alexa is an ambient assistant that is proactive, personal, and predictable. It’s our mission to make Alexa available and delightful everywhere customers want her to be, and the Alexa developer community is critical to helping us achieve this,” Amazon’s Kellie Garnett writes. “The Alexa team has been hard at work building new tools and features and we are excited to share the latest advancements designed to help drive business growth, improve productivity, and deliver more delightful customer experiences.”

This is the third annual Alexa Live event, Amazon notes, and it will consist of a keynote address and then a day’s-worth of technical sessions for developers that wish to expand their reach into Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem. You can also subscribe to a Slack channel to interact with and ask questions in live chat Q&As with Alexa experts. And an Alexa Startups Showcase will let founders of successful startups discuss their work with Alexa and the future of ambient computing.

You can register for Alexa Live 2021 here.

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One response to “You Can Register for Alexa Developer Event Now”

  1. samp

    I just asked it, and Alexa said its "an AI, and does not have a gender". I understand someone calling it a 'she', it sounds female, but "It’s our mission to make Alexa available and delightful everywhere customers want her to be" comes across creepy from an Amazon representative.

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