Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1

Posted on October 1, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Dev with 6 Comments

Microsoft announced this week that the first preview release of Visual Studio 2022 for Mac is now available for testing.

“Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 is now available,” Microsoft’s Jordan Matthiesen writes. “This is the first public release of our .NET IDE with a refreshed, fully native macOS UI.”

Visual Studio 2022 is a native Mac app and it features a completely redesigned user interface with support for Dark and Light themes and assistive technologies. It also arrives with dramatic performance improvements and a redesigned Git Changes window that is more consistent with Visual Studio on Windows.

With an eye to the future, Visual Studio 2022 for Mac support creating .NET 6 apps using C#, but .NET 6 is still in development, so the current release supports .NET 6 RC1. You can also use this product to create web, cloud, and mobile apps based on .NET Core 3.1 and newer.

And speaking of the future, developers interested in .NET MAUI will be able to create apps that run across Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS using this framework when it’s released in the first half of 2022. Support for .NET MAUI is very limited right now, Microsoft says, but Visual Studio 2022 for Mac will get support for MAUI projects including workload installation, templates, build/deploy/debug, and more in future previews.

You can download Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1 from the Microsoft website.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2022 for Mac Preview 1”

  1. rmac

    I wish I could see the point of all the focus on Mac and Linux when currently there isn't a common control set that runs on Windows + web, let alone Mac + Linux.

    It's a long road to MAUI, and even there the common control set for the browser will rely on 3rd party Uno to deliver. Meanwhile Flutter is going to be popping all sorts of shots at MS.

    • j5

      Macs are cooler  ?!

      • rmac

        But Windows 11... It feels like home. And by the way, did I tell you I'm a dev suffering from hoarding disorder?

        • j5

          You totally confused me with your comment lol. I was like lol "Windows 11 home" and then you said you're a dev that has a hoarding disorder ?????

  2. tonchek

    Is it written in MAUI?