Programming Windows: Reimagining Feedback (Premium)


With the Windows 8 Developer Preview, the Windows team had finally gone public with its plans to abandon .NET and pursue a mobile and touch-first strategy. The reaction was, to put it kindly, mixed. And not just with developers: Its indefensible Windows 8 design decisions had ironically put the Windows team on the defensive.

Those decisions---which included removing the Start button and the Start menu, creating a new mobile environment in which apps could only be run full-screen, and then pushing that environment on top of the Windows desktop that everyone well understood---were objectively wrong and not in the best interests of the billion-plus customers who used Windows on traditional PCs. But what made them all the more intolerable was that they were made by a team that incessantly touted the benefits of telemetry data and feedback, two things it utterly ignored in designing Windows 8.

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