Programming Windows: 8 is Enough (Premium)


Ignoring feedback is easy when you’re sure you know better than anyone else despite the mounting evidence to the contrary. And one imagines that Sinofsky had by this time grown to believe that he was the logical successor to Steve Jobs, who had passed away just months earlier, leaving a void not just at Apple but in the rest of the personal computing industry as well. That Sinofsky was no Jobs was obvious, but it also wasn’t his fault; no one else was either. But despite all his personality issues, Jobs had had important advantages over Sinofsky. He had a good design sense. He made the right product decisions. He put the right people in positions of power and responsibility. And most ephemerally, he was, in fact, a visionary.

Unaware of his shortcomings, Sinofsky pressed forward with his disaster in the making. He had publicly stated that Microsoft would follow up the Windows 8 Consumer Preview with a Release Candidate, and it would. But in keeping with the “Preview” naming change he had instituted for each Windows 8 milestone---“not invented here” being the unspoken mantra of this regime---this would be renamed to the Release Preview. And it was this milestone that his team now pushed towards.

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