Google Releases Android Studio Chipmunk

Posted on May 10, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Dev, Google, Mobile with 1 Comment

Google today announced the release of Android Studio Chipmunk, the latest stable version of its integrated developer environment.

“This release is a smaller feature release, but we included the latest IntelliJ update and devoted more time to quality and stability,” Google’s Paris Hsu and Takeshi Hagikura write in the announcement post. “In this release alone, we address over 175 quality issues.”

Some key new features include:

Compose Animation Preview. Previously available as an experimental feature, Compose Animation Preview lets Jetpack Compose developers inspect and debug animations built with Compose. This feature now supports AnimatedVisibility and UpdateTransition, but it will support more animation types in the future.

IntelliJ Platform Update. Android Studio Chipmunk includes IntelliJ 2021.2, which is a major platform major with many new features, including project-wide analysis, a powerful new Package Search UI, and IDE actions enhancements.

Android Studio Chipmunk is available for free from the Android Developer website.

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