Microsoft Announces New .NET Milestones

Posted on May 11, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Dev with 1 Comment

Microsoft has released updates to key pieces of its .NET stack this week, among them .NET 7 Preview 4 and .NET MAUI Release Candidate 3 (RC3).

“The fourth preview of .NET 7 includes enhancements to observability in the .NET implementation of OpenTelemetry, the addition of properties to track microseconds and nanoseconds in date and time structures, new metrics for caching extensions, performance-boosting ‘on stack replacement,’ APIs to work with .tar archives, and additional features as part of an ongoing effort to improve the performance of and add features to regular expressions in .NET 7,” Microsoft’s Jeremy Likness explains. “The preview 4 releases for ASP.NET Core and EF7 are also available.”

You can download .NET 7 Preview 4 for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It has been tested with Visual Studio 17.3 Preview 1.

As for .NET Multi-platform App UI (.NET MAUI) Release Candidate 3, Microsoft says it arrives with a new batch of improvements. To get started, install or upgrade to the latest Visual Studio 2022 preview and select the “.NET Multi-platform App UI development” workload. This will install all the .NET 6 pieces you need, plus enable preview features to make your .NET MAUI development experience more productive, Microsoft notes.

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One response to “Microsoft Announces New .NET Milestones”

  1. martinusv2

    I am eager to see how MAUI will be against Flutter. But if it requires 17.3. Does that mean that it won't be official when Build start?