GitHub Pushes Into the Enterprise with New Features

Posted on November 9, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Dev with 1 Comment

GitHub announced several new features for enterprises and developers at its hybrid GitHub Universe event in San Francisco today.

“Developers are at the center of everything GitHub does, and with GitHub recently hitting $1 billion in annual recurring revenue, those developers are increasingly sitting within the world’s largest companies,” a Microsoft representative told me. “With 94 million developers building on the platform—including 20.5+ million new users in 2022 and 90 percent of the Fortune 100—GitHub is rolling out several new features that work together to provide the best development experience. addressing all core needs from productivity to security and more.”

Those new features include:

Copilot for business. Following the release of GitHub Copilot for individuals, this new offering will bring GitHub’s AI pair programmer to businesses so that developer teams of any size can improve their agility, productivity, and developer experience. GitHub Copilot for business includes admin controls and license management as well.

Hey GitHub. This experiment in voice-based interaction will make Copilot more accessible to developers who may not be able to use a keyboard effectively.

Codespaces for everybody. Codespaces are generally available for individuals, helping anyone interested in software development to get started building more quickly. All GitHub users receive 60 hours of Codespaces for free every month, lowering the barrier to entry for developers everywhere.

Code search and code view. GitHub is getting a new search engine for quickly accessing the world’s code using a new interface and powerful queries with suggestion completion filtering. And a redesigned code view integrates search browsing with code navigation.

Welcome Roadmap and tasklists in Projects. GitHub will roll out a Roadmap feature that will provide an overreaching view of what’s being worked on, what’s next, and how those items span across time. A related feature called tasklists will help support complex hierarchies.

Private vulnerability reporting (public beta). This new feature will provide a standardized, convenient, and secret way to report, assess, and address vulnerabilities in open-source repositories.

GitHub Enterprise 3.7. The new version of GitHub Enterprise includes over 70 new features, including a Security Overview dashboard, reusable Actions workflow support, and enhanced security in the management console.

GitHub Actions updates. GitHub Actions currently see over 10 million builds each day, and developers can now take advantage of larger hosted runners that support bigger codebases and workflows. And a GitHub Actions Importer for GitHub Enterprise customers will help them migrate from their previous automation tool to GitHub Actions more quickly.

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