Build 2017 is Coming to Seattle in May

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in Dev with 8 Comments

Build 2017 is Coming to Seattle in May

Rejoice! Build 2017 will be held in Seattle instead of San Francisco, as has been the case for the past several years.

“We are bringing our annual Microsoft Build conference to Seattle—the ‘cloud city’—from May 10-12, 2017,” Microsoft’s Chris Caposella announced today. “Once again, developers can hear from Microsoft engineering leaders and learn about the latest tools and technologies to boost creativity and productivity.”

This is great news: San Francisco is so expensive and very hard to fly in and out of because of fog.

And while Microsoft hasn’t disclosed the exact location for Build, I assume it will be the Seattle Convention Center, where Microsoft held several WinHEC events back in the day. Wherever it is, it should be better than the disastrous Build 2012, which Microsoft held outside in tents at its corporate campus. That event was a total washout, with tons of rain and mud, long lines, and disgruntled developers.


In related news, Microsoft is shifting its major trade show schedule so that it has just three each year, down from four. The new schedule looks like so:

May. Build 2017 will be held in Seattle, Washington.

July. The Worldwide Partner Conference is being renamed to Microsoft Inspire and will be held July 9-13 in Washington D.C.

September. As planned, Microsoft Ignite 2017 will be held in Orlando. But the firm is rolling Microsoft Envision—an event for business leaders, previously scheduled for February—into Ignite now.

This is a much more manageable schedule, and while I’m no fan of Orlando, Seattle and D.C. are great destinations.


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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Build 2017 is Coming to Seattle in May”

  1. 774

    'cloud city'? Humpf. Clear and sunny today.

    Reservations for meetup?

  2. 5234

    No WPC in Toronto this year I see.


    Microsoft: Making 'Murica Separatist Again.

  3. 5553

    Seattle...out of control left wingers rioting destroying public property. Or was that Portland ??

  4. 5767

    I wonder why BUILD is delayed a month. Maybe they want to release Creators Update in April and have BUILD be a clean slate for introducing Redstone 3.

  5. 514

    Well, Since I live 110 miles from Orlando, that is great news for me.  There are two retail Microsoft stores there.  I'm up there one or two days a month to disco roller skate -- so I'm comfortable finding my way around.  In all the time I've been going there I've never gone to Disney or Universal (or any of the other tourist venues).  When I worked for Microsoft, we did have one event at Universal -- it was fine.

    When I go to Build in Seattle, I'll fly out of the Orlando airport -- I find it to be a nice airport, and easy to navigate around.  Looking forward to Seattle, but surprisingly so I can check out all the new Amazon retail stores (by May there should be the original bookstore, and 3 new experimental food retailing venues :grin).

    Of course the ability to network with a wider variety of MS staff will be killer.  Also a visit to the MS company store will also be on the agenda :-) :grin).

    I'll skip the partner conference (even though I'm a partner) as that subject matter doesn't interest me (and if I have to pick my least desirable city to visit, DC is right up (down) there with my worst places.

  6. 5215

    Why would they book the Orlando show for September?  Hurricane season....

  7. 1775

    >This is great [news:]
    Should be a period.

    >...very hard to fly in and out of because of fog.
    Maybe SF should be called Cloud City South.


  8. 1002

    Has anyone noticed that, in the video at, they use the hashtag #Build2017? But in Twitter, that hashtag is already being used for several construction projects, including Trump's border wall.