Has anybody ever used/tried using an HDMI USB capture device to INPUT video onto an iPad?


Do iPads support USB HDMI video capture devices? What device have you used and on what model iPad?

From what I’m reading, UVC HDMI capture devices, like many of those sold on Amazon, seem to work but Elgato’s Cam Link/4K devices don’t because I guess they aren’t UVC-compliant. Do you need a specialized app from the manufacturer for any of these devices to work, or does iMovie on the iPad (or some other bundled app) support connected accessories other than the built-in camera?

If you’ve gotten this to work, what’s the best video quality you can achieve? I can’t find any information on the real data speeds for the Lightning/USB ports on the newer iPads like the iPad 8th gen or iPad Air 4th gen, which were just released. The iPad Pro supposedly has had USB 3.0 speeds since the 2018 model.

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