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My only experience is a hand me down original iPad I received from a relative. I know next to nothing about their devices. Long story short, I need and Apple device that had iOS 11.0 or later and I was not sure what the cheapest route would be to get such a device. The cheapest I’ve found new is a ipad 7th gen for $279. I can find refurbished items cheaper but wasn’t sure if the savings would be worth it or if there were any significant jumps between specific models that would be worth spending a little more for. I could get a mini or an iphone also but those all seem to be cost more.

If you’d like to know the reason why, my daughter is a softball pitcher and the school has a ball that will send velocity, rotational and other data to ipads/iphones. I have 2 younger ones that could potentially use it too. The company doesn’t have an Android app. The data would be useful but I’m not sure if it will be worth the cost but wanted to look into it. I just wish they would make an Android app and I’m a little surprised that they don’t. Getting something used or a refurb would be fine but don’t want them to update the app and end up having something stuck on an unsupported iOS version also.

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  1. simont

    Go for the entry level iPad. New ones cost somewhere around $320. You can get refurbished ones for cheaper, some are even sold by Apple. The current 7th Gen iPad will probably be able to run IOS for the next 4 to 5 years although it will get slower as the OS demands more resources.

    In a lot of cases, companies start with IOS apps and then maybe go to Android apps. So your younger kids will likely find more apps for them to enjoy than Android.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to simont:

      Thanks, thought the entry level iPad was probably the way to go. Just need to decide if it is worth the cost for what we would get out of it. The younger ones have Kindle Fire tablets right now and I know there are a few apps on the iPad that they can't get on the Fire tablets. I know the Fire tablets aren't the best, but the kids version are a great bang for the buck.

  2. Greg Green

    a ball that will send velocity, rotational and other data to ipads/iphones”

    that’s utterly amazing. Coaches today may have more data than they can deal with.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to Greg Green:

      Yes, it is amazing what is available now. Just the easy availability of video and slow motion video makes a big difference . The same company also has a product that you put on the knob of your bat and can track your bat path to find problems with your swing and measure bat speed as well I think.

  3. bhofer

    An iPod touch would be another option. They are capable of running most iPhone apps and are around $200 new. I imagine you could find a used or refurbished one even cheaper.

  4. Sprtfan

    I ended up getting a used iPad Air 2 for $120 with a case that seems to be in good shape. Not sure if it was the best option or not but met the specs for the app I needed. Hopefully it works out and I don't regret it.