iOS 12 beta will not work with cellular iPad 6th gen (2017) on TMobile?


Yes, I know it is beta and I’ve tried with beta 1 and 2 then had to revert back to iOS 11 since it would say Invalid SIM while using TMobile. This is an unlocked iPad and works great under iOS 11. Has anyone gotten theirs to work with beta 4? I figured I’d ask before I go through the hassle of installing and reverting if someone else knows it does not work right.

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  1. javajunkee

    Not sure how much help you'll get here. If you have not done so yet try

  2. jimchamplin

    Remove the SIM. Reboot. Make sure everything is working sans-SIM. Once it's all going, power off and insert the SIM and power back on.

    Once you've done that...

    TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Reality follows...

    I'm running an iPad mini 2 with AT&T SIM and everything is kosher. I mean, they introduce new code in every beta that might break crap. Even if we can't make it work, it could be fixed in the next release but you need to file feedback about this very large and major issue!!!

    Without feedback, Apple's engineers can't know that there's an issue! Things may seem insanely mundane and ordinary to you, but there's a chance that it's not, and there's actually something unique with your hardware. A particular T-Mo SIM in a particular revision of iPad just adds up to FUCKFAIL!!

    Gotta file that feedback!

    • Lauren Glenn

      In reply to jimchamplin:

      Unfortunately this does not work. It sees the Sim, it connects to the network, and within four seconds, it says Invalid SIM. If I revert back to IOS 11, it works just fine. And I have given feedback but I check each build and each release still does this and it is not reported as a known issue.

      • jimchamplin

        In reply to alissa914:

        Incredibly strange. I wish I had more to offer, because that's a pretty awful issue.

        Maybe contact Apple support via Twitter and let them know. Tell them you reported the issue but you want to make sure that the problem is recognized

  3. Lauren Glenn

    A follow-up to this.... this is still an issue with the release version of iOS 12. It turned out to be an issue with TMobile. I called them up when I got the release version and the customer support person "reset" the device on the towers (as he put it). Shortly thereafter, it started working after a reset. From time to time when I go to an area with a new tower I haven't been to before with iOS 12, it doesn't authenticate right away but in a few seconds, it does and then all is well. So basically, there's either a bug in iOS 12 and/or TMobile has a workaround for it. Based on some people's experience with Verizon and the new iPhones, I'm guessing it's an iOS 12 bug.

  4. skborders

    Sometimes the OS update comes with carrier updates as well. These typically will not install properly until you reboot the device with the sim card in it.