"Notarized" Mac Apps


If any of you have been digging deeply into WWDC developer sessions, you may have heard that Apple is moving to “notarized” apps in the future. As I understand it, some future edition of Mac OS will only run an app if Apple has “notarized” it for your use, no matter from where the app was obtained. To be clear, even an app downloaded from the developer’s site has to be blessed by Apple to even run on your Mac. I’m sure this idea is for your “own good.”

If I’m understanding this correctly (chime in if I’m misinformed) this idea is unacceptable. Suppose you dig out your old camera and go to download the four year old driver for it. You can be sure it won’t be updated in order to be “notarized.” Your camera is now useless.

My question is: is M/S moving to this concept as well? I hope not. I need to be able to move to an OS I can actually use.

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