12 inch MacBook, Does it Sell?


Curious if there has ever been any confirmation/estimates of sales. I always see Air’s and Pro’s in the wild. Almost never see the 12 inch. Also the used market for them seems almost non-existent. Rarely ever available on Gazelle. Small numbers on eBay etc. Pro’s aplenty sanme with Air’s.

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  1. Tim

    It's actually kind of funny that you mention this. I was working in a coffee shop the other day and saw a 12" and thought "That thing is way too small".

    Computers are so thin now that I feel like 15" is just the perfect size, I don't see why you'd bother with 12" devices.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to Tim:

      I'd always thought the same way, but after snagging a small Lenovo earlier this year, I found that it delivered everything I needed along with light weight, and when I want a bigger screen at home, I can plug it into my 23" screen, or into the big TV in the living room. It'll even drive 4K on that screen.

      Then if I take it out and about, it's a lot easier to manage.

  2. joeaxberg

    Hard to know for sure.

    Uber uber razor thin laptops aren't cheap, so I think it is unlikely to see these out in the wild such that we'd notice them regularly. The Macbook Air form factor has been around for such a long time, that seeing those, I agree, is very commonplace.

    The Macbook is certainly expensive, but so are a lot of laptops of its razor thin ilk, so I think they tend to be a 'you really gotta want one' proposition. The number of people who want a razor thin 12" laptop that costs $1500 is probably a small number. Maybe somebody just really wants pink or something?

    What is curious to me is why Apple keeps the prices on these things so high and continues to sell the Macbook Air. Why not just drop the price of the Macbook, or offer a 128GB version, and eliminate the Air from the line up?

    But, on Black Friday, Best Buy was selling the $999 Macbook Air for $799. By the middle of the afternoon they were sold out online.

  3. Ndbbm

    I actually purchased a 12 MacBook not to long ago. It works well for my relatively light weight computer needs. I’m liking it so far and the size works for me.


  4. Oasis

    NewEgg had them on 12/3 Refurbished....