Apple has a serious company-wide hardware quality problem


I made a similar thread not long ago but since then, more new problems have come to light and I think the larger company-wide issue is worth discussing. First, Paul already kind of covered this in early November, check out his article “Apple Admits to Hardware Quality Problems with iPhone X, MacBook Pro” . One thing about the iPad Pro bending issue that most don’t realize is that this is not just a cosmetic issue. Bendy iPhone 6’s resulted in a very serious issue known as ‘touch disease’, which could happen again with these new bendy iPad Pro’s. Next, on the weekend a popular tech YouTuber Unbox Therapy posted a video showing his 2018 MacBook Air also has the keyboard problem, so despite Apple’s attempt to fix this with the silicon cover, this keyboard design is still very flawed. Now today, I just saw The Verge post about a new issue with MacBook Pro’s, “Flexgate”. There’s a pattern here, Apple’s hardware quality has taken a nose dive in recent years. The question is why? Did they lay off some of their hardware testers, just like how Microsoft fired their dedicated software testers? I don’t think there’s been any management changes at Apple that would explain all these hardware quality problems, I would love to hear what others think because this is turning into quite a story. It reminds me of Mercedes quality/reliability decline in the early 2000’s (Mercedes eventually turned it around)

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