Don’t hate me, but I recycled my iMac


One that I bought about 15 years ago that has a G3 processor, that is.

Yeah, took it along with an old CRT TV that I also wanted to unload to a nearby electronics recycling event this past weekend.


I used it up until about 2009 when I bought a Mac mini to replace it. Was my first real experience with a Mac. Started to learn my way around it. Ended up using it as my personal web server and did some MIDI stuff with it.

Anybody else here purchase one of these curvy guys back in the day? I wish mine was colored, like they originally were when they came out in the late ’90s, but I think when I ordered mine all those cool colors were discontinued.

Honestly, I thought about the possibility of finding somebody who might want it, but there’s nothing too special about this machine anymore, and I’m sure the version of OS X on there isn’t supported (it’s probably Jaguar or Panther, I think).

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