Are Fingerprints the Reason Behind the Touch Bar?


Apologies if this one has been done before…

My initial reaction to this touch bar thing was “neat” until I realized that it was not accompanied by a touch screen. I have a mac but I primarily use a Lenovo Carbon X1 (ohhh yeaaa). I find myself constantly trying to scroll with my fingers on the screen whenever I’m on a mac. To me, the touch screen is intuitive.

BUT I have always hated finger prints on my screens. Even when I was young, I’d see my mom jab her finger on the monitor and I’d cringe. When friends pointed at something on my computer by touching the screen I would passive aggressively wipe the finger prints off. I knew that touch screens would force me to change this behavior, or at least change my tolerances a bit.

The other day I was lounging around with the Lenovo and the sun was coming through the window such that the massive amount of finger prints on my screen meant that I couldn’t actually see what was on the screen behind those finger prints. For a moment I said to myself, “What the hell are all these finger prints?” before realizing that they were obviously me using the touch screen. That’s when it hit me…

Is Apple’s reluctance to get on board with a touch screen as simple and “Apple-pretentious” enough to be an aversion to fingerprints on their “most beautiful display ever”?

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