First time for everything I guess (iPad crash)


Hello all.

So the other day in the evening I’m sitting in my usual chair in the living room and surfing the web on my iPad (2017-ish) when all of a sudden ZOINK … the whole screen froze up and the image became distorted. Would not respond to any touching … then a few seconds later it rebooted and was fine again.

Guess it just took me by surprise, as I think this was the first time it has ever happened.

Anyone here with iPads experience occasional stability issues?

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  1. christianwilson

    Nothing that serious. I just replaced my old 9.7" iPad Pro with a new one. My old Pro started to experience small issues such as a Bluetooth keyboard not connecting properly, apps freezing or behaving in strange ways, and UI bugs. Reboots would always fix those problems.

    Hopefully what you experienced is just a one off problem.

  2. erichk

    I hope so, yes. Don't feel like replacing it just yet.

  3. pecosbob04

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    Title M1 Mac vs EVO ARM PC comparison review.

    Text Did this ever happen?

    • erichk

      It might appear eventually. Lately I've had the same problem, and then it appears a few hours later.

  4. L Gilles

    I don't recall a total crash but for apps it's more frequent that I would like.

    With lower storage capacity apple devices the trick, when something strange began to happen, was to backup the device on a Mac/pc and then re install from the backup.