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After a few years of WP and Android, I fancy a change. My current phone is a Huawei P20 lite, which I think takes great photos, which is important to me. I fancy switching to an iPhone. My budget isn’t going to stretch to a Pro or Pro Max, but am interested in people’s thoughts on how good the camera on the iPhone 11 is.

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  1. minke

    My daughter has the iPhone 11 and she has shared a fair number of photos with me. Overall, I would rate the camera as excellent. The new night mode, whatever they call it, is a big improvement over previous iPhones and I would say is quite competitive with Pixels. It seems particularly good on people shots and portraits with a good bokeh effect.

  2. Chris_Kez

    You might scroll through flickr and look at photos taken with the iPhone:


    Apple also has a good return policy if you wanted to get one for a week or two and do some photo walks to see how well it handles the type of stuff you tend to shoot. Nothing beats first hand experience. Good luck!

  3. StevenLayton

    Thanks guys. My last iPhone was a 3GS, although I had an iPad for a few years, so IOS won't be a suprise.

  4. wunderbar

    The iPhone 11 literally has the same quality cameras as the pro, just missing one of the lenses. But it'll take the exact same quality pictures on the two identical lenses.

  5. snow.steve22

    Also look back here for Paul's evaluation if you haven't already. He has very specific preferences but if you agree or take that into consideration, Paul has a keen eye for detail and knows what he likes (and will tell you about it in detail!)

  6. yuanyasmine

    P20 has a Better Camera than iPhone X without any doubt especially when it comes to Low-Light Photography.

    Battery Backup on P20 is again better than iPhone X

    Account Security or Privacy iPhone's are always best compared to Androids.

    iPhone X is blazingly fast if you compared it to P20

    Functionality depends on the OS, Obvio Android has more than iOS

    • wright_is

      In reply to yuanyasmine:

      Huawei generally has better cameras on their top end phones, and the P30 and P40 are even better than the P20. That said, the OP has a P20 Lite, which has a cut down camera, AFAIK.

      For the P20 Lite, the comparison would be to the iPhone SE.

      That said, from what I've seen, the newer Huaweis still have better cameras, although their AI can be a bit wonky at times, as do the current Samsungs, for example. But the iPhone camera has at least caught up with the best Android cameras this year, I would say, you probably won't be disappointed with an iPhone 11 Pro/Max, Samsung S20+/Ultra or the top end Huaweis, although they now lack the Google Play Store.

      Going from the P20 Lite to any high-end phone is going to give a significant bump in image quality from the camera.

      That said, ignore the "super zoom" claims, they are all pretty useless. My S20+ has 30x zoom, going above about 3x - 5x zoom loses too much quality and the images aren't really useful.

  7. BigM72

    I will simply add to look at photos and videos separately.

    Whilst Google Pixel, Huawei, Samsung have had great cameras for different aspects of photography (low-light, zoom etc);

    AFAIK the tech press has always considered iPhone to be class-leading on the video front.

  8. dosija

    Totally agree, I trie both the 11 and the pro and the quality cameras are exactly the same.