iPhone premium quality overrated?


I used to have an iPhone a long time ago. Then I switched to a Nexus 6p and then to a Pixel. People always say that the iPhone is a better quality phone, but when I go to the Apple support website I see this –

Cant play music through USB iOS11

My IPhone 7 home button vibrates nonstop when it is touched then becomes unresponsive for hours I tried shutting it down then trying it again but it still vibrates nonstop when touched how do I fix it

Q, Is iphone 8plus back glass repairable? And how much?

Why won’t Siri play my playlists?

Why is the battery so hot. ?

Search wheel spinning continually

IPhone 7 glitcy

iPhone 8 Plus GPS issues

Portrait Mode issue

I don’t have any of these problems with my Pixel.

There is so much more complaints and problems on the support website. I just don’t understand why people think that the iPhone is the best phone, when I see all this problems and it is clearly not.

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