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While the Iphone X is a gorgeous, innovative new phone Apple released, it has some design flaws and other issues.

  1. It has a glass plate on the back. While this is aesthetically nice, it will break easily. Especially if dropped, even on a counter top.
  2. Apple certainly could have kept the finger print button on the rear, for redundancy, or back up measures. This way, if the face recognition fails. You could use the fingerprint for turning it on also.
  3. It is VERY expensive. For the same price of the base model iPhone X. You can get an i7 desktop or laptop, that can do far many things than it can, and will certainly last much longer, without having to upgrade. Also, with all the accessories, the iPhone X will cost as much as a used Hyundai.
  4. The black bar on the top, takes away slightly from it’s beautiful end to end display. Apple could have worked harder to make it blend in better.
  5. It is running the same iOS graphical user interface, that came out in 2007. Apple should have redid the entire UI, and made it fresh as the iPhone X is.
  6. No expandable storage. Yes, this is widely debated issue. It is really nice to expand the storage in your phone, especially if you take alot of photos or have alot of music.

Overall, the iPhone X is a gorgeous new iPhone. It offers a beautiful display and a different styling than any of the phones they produced. Apple did make some questionable decisions, in making the phone. If it had, most especially, a fingerprint reader on the rear. The iPhone X would have been perfect.

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  1. gvan

    Lack of expandable storage is a security feature. I'm ok with that trade off.

    for me the thre biggest problems are: battery is to small, no finger print reader on back and lack of color choices. Lousy color choices is a huge problem that is often ignored!

  2. maethorechannen

    It is running the same iOS graphical user interface, that came out in 2007.

    Mac OS is running a user interface that came out in 1984 (with the MultiFinder enhancements from 87). I would not expect radical change in UI from Apple (unless you consider moving to a "flat" design radical - I don't).

  3. jimchamplin

    So, just because the core UI is “old” it needs to be revamped? Why? On the one side, people are whining because Microsoft dared to ever change anything. On the other, people demanding Apple throw out what has been a winning concept. Sure, it might feel pedestrian to all y’all who like 93 custom toolbars and 12 redundant sensor displays and three simultaneous animated wallpapers with four alternate Start menus.

    But for a lot of folks it works, and it works well enough to move millions of products. In the end it doesn’t matter much to me. Only time I visit the Springboard is to open something that isn’t already running. There’s a switcher where I can get to anything else, or deep links in one app that take me directly where I need to be in another.

    It works very well, and will continue to work no matter if it’s “old” or not. How a phone looks is immaterial compared to how it works. This brouhaha over bezels? Really? It’s like guitar guys who worry over where an instrument is made rather than how someone plays it. Ludicrous. You can’t play a nameplate. You don’t use bezels. You use software.

  4. jimchamplin

    Let's not forget that Windows is using a 22 year old UI.

    Come on. The whole "age" of something in tech is the shittiest measure of anything. OMG THAT THING IS OLDER THAN WHAT THE TEHCNORATI DEEM PLAUSIBLE. Guess what! People prefer it.

    I say this as someone who LIKED WINDOWS 8!! Everyone else burned it down and now we have Windows 10. I like it too.

    Unfortunately the Whinemeisters are still whining like newborn babies. THAT'S WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.



    Why can't those of us with brains have the choice to use tech from the alternate dimension where nobody ever bitched and moaned and we're ten years farther ahead? WE DESERVE IT!

  5. wunderbar

    1. the glass back allows for wireless charging, which you currently cannot do with a metal back
    2. Agreed
    3. There's an easy argument to make that for the vast majority of people, their phone is the computer they use significantly more than any desktop/laptop computer. And more and more, there is a segment of the population where a phone can be their *only* computing device. The phone is the piece of technology that people use the most by a wide margin, and people are willing to spend money on a good experience.
    4. there are a lot of things they could have done. i personally don't like it, but it was a design choice.
    5. as has been stated, OS's don't really have to change when they work. Mac OS runs not much more than a variant of what they ran in 1985. Windows 10 is nothing more than an expansion of what was introduced in 1995. Even on mobile, Android 8.0 really isn't *that* different than Android 1.5 from 2009. Yes it's more refined and mature, but the core principles are the same. Are there parts of iOS that I don't like? Sure. Notifications on iOS are still a mess. But Apple doesn't need revamp the entire OS just becuase it's been out for 10 years. It works.
    6. Talking about expandable storage on an iPhone would be like me talking about wanting my monitor to also make toast. It's a waste of time and isn't constructive since it isn't going to happen.
  6. Wizzwith

    7.  It uses a proprietary port instead of the standard USB-C.

    8.  There's no headphone jack.

    9.  There's still too much dang bezel.  :)

  7. Polycrastinator

    The fingerprint, and the big black bar are, I think, the big downsides. Imagine what it would look like with a tiny hole for the camera and one for the light sensor on the front and a fingerprint reader on the back. I can picture it. It's a lot better. I think if they'd gone that route they'd fix a lot of issues with the design.

  8. Shane

    Its an iPhone. WHO CARES

  9. Tony Barrett

    Apple are stuck in a rut with the iPhone UI. They tweak it here and there, but they basically can't modernise something that their buyers are used to. Change it too much and they could revolt, and worse, stop buying Apple products. MS tried the same thing with Win8, and look what happened there. Yes, the Apple UI is old-fashioned and somewhat boring, but it seems that's what iPhone/iPad customers like. Apple do very minor UI overhauls now and again, but certainly nothing to affect the core design.

    Looking at the X again though, the notch is just plain ugly, the screen isn't as edge-to-edge as you actually think - there's still quite a lot of bezel there. Removing the home button will send may iPhone owners into a panic too. Overall, Samsung did better with the S8, and even the LG V30 looks nicer than the X. If you're locked into Apple-land though, and can't/wont change, I'm sure you're drooling over the X, and are preparing to throw your next round of cash at the big A.