iPhone X Thoughts


While the Iphone X is a gorgeous, innovative new phone Apple released, it has some design flaws and other issues.

  1. It has a glass plate on the back. While this is aesthetically nice, it will break easily. Especially if dropped, even on a counter top.
  2. Apple certainly could have kept the finger print button on the rear, for redundancy, or back up measures. This way, if the face recognition fails. You could use the fingerprint for turning it on also.
  3. It is VERY expensive. For the same price of the base model iPhone X. You can get an i7 desktop or laptop, that can do far many things than it can, and will certainly last much longer, without having to upgrade. Also, with all the accessories, the iPhone X will cost as much as a used Hyundai.
  4. The black bar on the top, takes away slightly from it’s beautiful end to end display. Apple could have worked harder to make it blend in better.
  5. It is running the same iOS graphical user interface, that came out in 2007. Apple should have redid the entire UI, and made it fresh as the iPhone X is.
  6. No expandable storage. Yes, this is widely debated issue. It is really nice to expand the storage in your phone, especially if you take alot of photos or have alot of music.

Overall, the iPhone X is a gorgeous new iPhone. It offers a beautiful display and a different styling than any of the phones they produced. Apple did make some questionable decisions, in making the phone. If it had, most especially, a fingerprint reader on the rear. The iPhone X would have been perfect.

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