Need Bluetooth Keyboard for 5th gen iPad(9.7")


I am not an Apple user even though I have an Old MacBookPro. My Sister told me she has an 5th Gen iPad(9.7)(i think) and her computer is W7 and we were discussing what her plans were for what to do next year when W7 goes EOL. I suggested she could use her iPad and access Gmail and told her she should get a Keyboard for her device. She already has a nice case with a kickstand and only needs a keyboard that can pair with the iPad. I am assuming that the proper choice for this is bluetooth, so correct me if I am incorrect. Since I don’t use an iPad and am pretty clueless about them I thought I would ask the community what they used on theirs and what work well for an 5th Gen iPad for a Bluetooth keyboard. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. j_c

    If you already have a case etc and just want a good keyboard I would go with the Apple magic keyboard (the smaller one without the number keys etc.) It will connect via bluetooth. It is small, lightweight, portable etc. Once you pair it then you just turn it on and off and "it just works." There are many keyboard shortcuts she can use to navigate in addition to typing.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    Apple's wireless keyboards (current and previous gen) both work well with iPad.

  3. cadrethree

    Just for curiosity's sake does IOS support bluetooth mouses? Whether natively or through a third party external box? Internet searches indicate probably not or possibly with Dobox. Don't have any Apple products to try it out with. My logitech mouse works surprisingly well with Android phone and was wondering if Apple was the same.

  4. Thom77

    Logitech Keys To Go is what I have. Its the probably the most lightweight option available, although it is small.