Running Windows for ARM on M1 Macs


A developer has devised a workaround for getting WoA to run on an M1 Mac

Developer successfully virtualizes ARM Windows on Apple Silicon | The 8-Bit (

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5 responses to “Running Windows for ARM on M1 Macs”

  1. Vladimir Carli

    I wonder if it runs better than windows on snapdragon

  2. shark47

    If it outperforms the Surface Pro X (which I wouldn't be surprised if it did) then it raises the question, what were Microsoft and Qualcomm thinking? Also, I wonder how quickly an M1 clone emerges now and who will be the first?

  3. trevorcurtis

    You could drop an 800HP turbo V8 engine into a Mazda Miata, but should you? Really?

    • bkkcanuck

      In reply to trevorcurtis:

      Your analogy is flawed, it is more like putting a walnut sized engine with the power of a V8 engine into a Mazda Miata... And yes, the performance to run certain apps on entry-level machines now is "democratizing" in a way. As the owner of the original 12" MacBook (I have 5 damaged Cn vertebrae - likely from my time of being a consultant on the road with too heavy a load 20 years ago), having way way way more performance in a light laptop is absolutely beautiful. (I don't currently have much use of a laptop at this point, but when several hours of work cover the cost of a laptop when on the road - I could see myself buying one if necessary in the future).

      Even gigantic people have midlife crisis and may want a Mazda Miata - best to have a powerful engine to drive it :o

      On a serious note, getting WoA to run on more powerful hardware could provide a platform for some developers to develop using good hardware for a platform that one day might be a good platform (not yet). We have yet to see what comes of nVidia/ARM...