Thoughts on iPhone 12 Pro Battery Life


I’ve been keen to see how the iPhone 12 Pro’s battery life would compare to previous generation iPhones. In my mind this is one of the most important features of a phone today–all day battery life. I’ve noticed Apple reports the 12 Pro gets 1 hour less video playback time over the 11 Pro (understand that’s not all day battery life, but its the best proxy we have). That is disappointing. Did they not learn their lesson from the small batteries in the X and XS? With the XR and 11 series, I thought they had finally come to their senses and put a decent sized battery into the device rather than shaving it off just for aesthetics and weight. I’ll take a thicker, heavier phone with all day battery life over thin any day. Why are they starting to skimp again with the 12?

My wife has an iPhone X and she’s constantly tethered to a charging cable. The X has never been particularly good with battery life. Age is certainly a factor at this point, but it is still in the upper 80s of health. Was thinking of upgrading her just so she wouldn’t feel so tied to the charger, but maybe I need to snatch up an 11 Pro before they’re gone. Looks like the 12 may be a disappointment over the 11, at least from a battery life perspective.

Curious to see what others think about this battery life/capacity reversal and reviews on this.

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