Apple’s continuous hardware problems are good for Surface (Bendgate 2.0)


Paul already wrote about this in “Apple Admits to Hardware Quality Problems with iPhone X, MacBook Pro” but wait, there’s more! Apple just admitted the new iPad Pro’s are shipping bent in the box, but they’re pretending this is not a defect or flaw (LOL!). It’s Bendgate 2.0 and it’s just crazy to think they didn’t learn from the original Bendgate. Between the ongoing MacBook keyboard debacle and now this, what has happened to Apple? Whatever, this is good for the Surface line

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  1. Jackwagon

    It would be good for the Surface line, if Microsoft were to capitalize on it. In all likelihood, however, they probably won't.

  2. BlackForestHam

    Aside from the Surface Pro, people don’t want anything else from “the Surface line”. Despite languishing demand for tablets, people want iPads.

    Bendgate I created a lot of noise, but didn’t hurt sales. That’s what they learned, and why they think — correctly — that they’ll get away with Bendgate II.

    Unfortunate. Even infuriating to some. But the truth. The end.

    • Jeffery Commaroto

      In reply to BlackForestHam:

      We also have zero idea what % of devices have a noticeable bend, what % have none and what % have a micron or so that aren’t very perceptible. I have seen that one same picture and YouTube video floating around everywhere. I don’t see hundreds or thousands of similar photos turning up. Everyone is reporting and pontificating over a small frame of reference that could be the rule or the exception.

      The good news is Microsoft Surface has never had hardware or software reliablity issues so yes it will benefit and take over the world (written with sarcasm)... Clearly Samsung, Dell, HP and Lenovo are not at all prone to error (also clearly sarcasm). But right, none of them sell premium products that cost a lot of money like Apple so completely different (again sarcasm)...

      At the end of the day Samsung made one of the most premium phones available and it literally blew up. Samsung had to eat a recall that brought the entire company down 30% in profit. They tried to fix it and told people it would be OK and it continued to happen. The end result? People still not only buy their phones (global leader) but they continue to buy the exact same model that blew up.

      Apple has issues but let’s not pretend like this is some unheard of calamity. Also let’s not pretend like we won’t see the next Surface or Pixel issue pop up any day.

      • BlackForestHam

        In reply to Jeffery_Commaroto:
        The good news is Microsoft Surface has never had hardware or software reliablity issues so yes it will benefit and take over the world..

        You’re wrong (and need only spend an hour combing through Paul’s archive here to see why), dreaming, and need to put down the Kool-Aid. You remind me of teenage Amiga users in the 90s that knew, deep in their bones, that if Commodore just did X and Y, they would overthrow Microsoft.

        In 2019, I wish for you the bravery to accept MSFT has lost the consumer tablet war.

        • Jeffery Commaroto

          In reply to BlackForestHam:

          I was being sarcastic hence the ... and the follow up comment saying I was being sarcastic. I added in additional notes.

          Surface was a mess for a long time. Brad wrote a book detailing all the issues. That is why the OP idea of Surface somehow taking over the world because of one hardware problem is unrealistic.

          LOL I was expecting to see “You are just another part of the Apple sheeple” replies to my comment not calls that I am a MSFT fanatic.

      • skborders

        In reply to Jeffery_Commaroto:

        "The good news is Microsoft Surface has never had hardware or software reliablity issues so yes it will benefit and take over the world..."

        But the surface line has had at least software problems. Not going to sleep properly and running the battery down, not waking properly and a host of other issues that took them forever to fix. Search this site for "Hot bag" and you will find articles Paul has written about the software issues

        • Jeffery Commaroto

          In reply to skborders:

          I was being sarcastic sorry it didn’t translate. The Surface line has had many quality issues and all of those manufacturers I mentioned have had there own massive issues throughout their existence.

  3. bbold

    lol! I guess they could say that "Bending in the Box" is a 'feature' and that might help justify some of the $1000 cost. Apple tax, and Apple Bendgate 2.0 on top of that!! :) Yes, this is very good news for Surface!


  4. evox81

    If history is anything to go on, this won't hurt Apple at all and it won't help Microsoft/Surface either. If we were talking about any other two companies, I'd likely agree. But for this specific combination... absolutely no change at all.

  5. Thom77

    Microsoft really messed up with the Go. I've never considered the Surface Pro line to be an alternative to the Ipad because of its weight, but the Go could of been a real alternative.

    Truth be told, most Apple people will continue to buy Apple no matter what, which is why Apple doesn't give a crap and tells its customers "deal with it". Apple thinks its "too big to fail", and sometimes I think they might be right as they continue to increase prices ridiculously and treat their customers like guaranteed sales.

    • bbold

      In reply to Thom77:

      I agree. The sheeple are blind. Rene Ritchie, anyone? :D

      • BlackForestHam

        In reply to bbold:

        You have a terrible case of Amiga Persecution Complex (one of the symptoms: believing that anyone who dares buy an “inferior” competing product must be a “sheep”.)

        • Tony Barrett

          In reply to BlackForestHam:

          No, Thom77 is right. I know a few people who wouldn't even consider looking at anything other than an iPhone or iPad - there's only one choice for them, so they blindly follow. They've been programmed to believe there is nothing else, and you do get a sense Apple think they are too big to fail, and their 'customers' will keep coming back whatever the cost or quality.

          • curtisspendlove

            In reply to ghostrider:

            I know a metric crap-ton of people who prefer various brands across many industries.

            But no one suggests a dude who only buys Ford trucks is a cultist sheep.

            :: shrug ::

            Assuming people with brand preference are somehow brainwashed just makes you look silly / immature.

            • Vladimir Carli

              In reply to curtisspendlove:

              The transition from an iPad to a surface is a very very hard one. I tried, I bought a very expensive surface, I desperately want to leave the iPad behind (since much before bendgate) but it's not possible. Windows on a tablet sucks too much and this is exclusively Microsoft's fault. I don't see any attempt by microsoft too fix it and I think is really unlikely that endgate will help in any way.


  6. Greg Green

    Neither company is very good at taking advantage of the other’s mistakes.

  7. NT6.1

    Apple will miss the bendable phone era. Apple is the next Nokia. :-)

  8. darrellprichard

    Apple's next iPad Pro could be built with a glass back which would prevent bending while still allowing wireless charging. At the same time, they could release a "protective" cover which would protect the back (somewhat) while providing better grip. Of course, they'd charge $$$ but their customer base will eat it up.

    Personally, I think the race to have the thinnest device is absurd and bendgate is a perfect example of why they need to stop chasing this rabbit.

  9. proesterchen

    "this is good for the Surface line"


    How many bent Ipad Pros would it take for a customer to change their mind and consider a different product? (Remember, they already bought the Ipad, so it's clearly the best option in their opinion)

  10. jchampeau

    Whatever lessons Apple learned from the first bendgate episode, they won't necessarily apply here. The first time around, the problem was that the Plus-model phones weren't designed with enough strength to withstand the back pocket of a hipster's skinny jeans. They weren't already bent coming out of the box; users were bending them. In this case, they're reportedly bent before a user even touches them for the first time.

  11. provision l-3

    Apple's response to bending iPads is absolutely stupid but it has zero impact on the Surface line.

  12. rob_segal

    First of all, Chris Welch at The Verge never posted an actual statement from Apple. If Apple stores and other retailers exchange the iPads that are shipped bent, that goes beyond their stated tolerances, then there isn't a problem here. The Verge posted an article with a sensationalist headline that states that people shouldn't have a problem exchanging it within the 14 day return period. I have a problem with this, but I've not been a fan of The Verge's journalistic standards for years. This is being blown out of proportion.

    With regards to its affect on Surface, this does nothing to close the ecosystem and app gap. The iPad is still far and away the best consumer tablet because of the number of tablet apps and a much stronger ecosystem. This will greatly outweigh this moment of bad press.