Cortana for ios in the UK


Sometime in december microsoft announced that cortana for the UK for android and said it would be released on iOS in the coming weeks.  It is now nearly march and there is still no sign of it.  What the hell is going on? I could understand if it was in a novel region and language but cortana in the U.K has been available for years on wndows phone and windows 10 desktop.  How do they expect their products to ever gain marketshare if they never release them?  They have already lost me as a mobile user and since moving to iPhone i have found myself moving more and more to googles solutions for other services? Why because microsofts solutions are simply not available here.  If microsofts future is in the cloud and as a service provider they need to make sure that those services are available to everybody, not with the next release of windows, not next year, now!

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