In praise of the iPhone 8 Plus


I have the perfect phone, the iPhone 8 Plus. I was rocking an iPhone 7 but I wanted a bigger screen. But I can’t stand the notch. I just can’t deal with it. It offends me. And a phone with a bullet hole in the screen?…the world has gone mad.

So I bought a refurbished 8 Plus from Apple for $379. This was a great deal. You get a new battery, a new shell, and a one year warranty. And Apple even throws in a 1 year subscription to Apple TV. On a refurb! That really surprised me.

I’ll list the reasons the iPhone 8 Plus is the greatest phone since Creation.

  1. No notch.
  2. No bullet hole.
  3. A good size phone. Not too big, not too small.
  4. Doesn’t cost a thousand bucks. (I’ve had cars that cost less.)
  5. A true tone 16:9 1080p LCD display as God intended.
  6. Wireless charging. (Which I never use.)
  7. Pretty decent battery life.
  8. Nice loud speakers. (I’m kinda deaf.)
  9. Will probably get updates for 2 or 3 more years.
  10. Not Android. Actually I like Android just fine. I just don’t like what the carriers and the OEMs do to Android. What a mess. That Steve Jobs insisted on keeping control of iOS and not letting the carriers get their filthy hands on it was one of the greatest business decisions ever.
  11. The best fingerprint reader in the industry and none of that face scanner nonsense. (Handy during the current unpleasantness.)
  12. A great camera. I’m not much into photography admittedly. The wife is into photography and uses a DSLR. I find it hard to get excited about phone cameras. Blow up a photo on a big screen from a phone vs. a real camera and there’s no contest.
  13. Nice and fast with iOS 14.
  14. And have I mentioned that there is No Infernal Notch?

There was talk of Apple coming out with an iPhone SE Plus. Is that still a thing?

Thoughts anyone?

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