My tablet journey (finally ending with an iPad)


So I don’t know about you guys, but I can now officially say I’ve owned my share of tablets.

It all started with a Samsung Galaxy Tab maybe five or six years ago (sold it), then a Surface RT (traded it in for credit for something else), a 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab (sold it to a coworker who now only uses it as a remote, it’s not good for much else), a Google Nexus 7, and an Amazon Fire HD 8.

But now, as my first iOS device ever, I bought a refurbished 2017 9.7″ iPad directly from the Apple Store. Since I was having issues with the two other tablets that I still have (the Nexus and the Fire), I wanted to get an iPad so I could see what the fuss was all about.

And I hate to sound like an Apple sycophant here, but damn, all I keep thinking since I got it is, “Where have you been all my life?”

Now, I know the iPad, when it was first released, probably had humble roots, much like the original iPhone kind of seems ancient compared to the current crop of iPhones. But the experience as it stands now, just blows me away. Everything about the tablet is such high quality … the build, the OS, the performance, the ecosystem. I’m an amateur musician, and I’m very excited about trying out the various music production apps that are available, which is something that was lacking on my Android tablets.

Some of the other tablets I’ve owned I liked … my first Samsung Galaxy Tab was okay, the Surface RT was … okay, but the platform fizzled, as you all know … the Nexus 7, was a very nice Android tablet.

And even the Amazon Fire … for the *money*, it’s pretty good, especially if you’re heavily invested in the Amazon world. And I sideloaded the Google Play store onto it, which was a nice bonus.

But man … I just couldn’t put up with the problems any more. Especially poor Bluetooth performance with my wireless headphones. And the almost constant pausing of video and/or music playback. My iPad suffers from none of that.

So I guess I now understand why the iPad is kind of considered King of the Hill as far as tablets are concerned.

Now only that, but the refurb I got was $100 less than the current price of the new model that replaced it, which only differs (I think) in a slightly newer processor and pencil support. I think that’s a pretty good deal for an Apple product. It was even packaged as if it was a new product, in the traditional elegant Apple way.

Do you guys agree/disagree? Think iPad is the best, or does it have any serious competition? I’m interested in your thoughts.

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