Outlook in Native Mail app on IOS

  • Nov 30, 2018
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I just noticed that if you setup the Mail app to get your outlook.com email that it will not sync until you confirm the action via an email.

The contexts of this email is a large advert about how the outlook mobile app is better and are you sure you want to to do this. Anyone else see this? Been setting up a new iphone and decided to use the native mail app. Both Google and Microsoft complained that it would be better if I used their apps.

Is it nefarious? They just using them as portals to siphon up my personal information, track me as I am logged in? Or they geniunely trying to move the experience forward beyond what a basic IMAP email client can do?

Personally…its email…. It just needs to recieve…and send. Not certain what those apps offer the native mail app can’t give me.

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