Syncing Contact from W10M to iOS?


I have finish switch back to iOS from Windows Mobile after 5 years of using the platform. After reading about Microsoft trying to focus the Windows Mobile platform for business there were not much for me to stay with them. I’m trying to sync all my SMS, contact and anything else that would get my iPhone 7 working with all my general information. I know there is an Andriod to iOS app and same for iOS to Andriod but don’t seem to see one for Windows Mobile to iOS.

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  1. 2034

    Well for contact syncing between various devices I put my contacts in the and Exchange Online accounts I have linked to my Windows Phone and then use the Outlook App on Android and iOS to sync them to those devices. There is a setting under Accounts in Outlook to sync your contacts to the device.

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    If you sync'd your contacts to an account on your Windows Phone, you simply add that same account to your iPhone and tell your iPhone to sync the contacts. For example, I use the same account on both my Windows Phone and iPhone and my contacts, tasks, and calendars sync between both devices. I just added my as an Exchange account under iOS. You should be able to do similar with almost any service (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.).

    Download OneDrive to get your pictures if you used the sync capability.

    SMS is more difficult. I don't know of any way to get your SMS from Windows Phone to another device, but maybe someone else does.

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    There's a way. It just involves 3rd party software and some cables.

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    To transfer data between two mobile phones, you can use a mobile transfer app to help, this kind of app could transfer data between phones in different os and different types.

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    Step 1. Download and install Syncios on Windows 10 computer. Connect your iPhone with computer via USB cable.

    Step 2. Under My devices, click Information on the left panel, choose Contacts, then you will find those options: New, Delete, Backup, Recover, which enable you to backup contacts from iPhone to Windwos 10, transfer contacts to iPhone and add new contacts to your iPhone even delete unwanted contacts information freely and easily!

    Step 3. Choose contacts you want to sync to Windwos 10 People App by checking the checkbox and tag on Backup. Then, select Backup to CVS Files. After few seconds, your selected iphone contacts would be saved on your computer. If you have not changed the backup path, the default backup path should be: C:\Users\XXX(administrator)\Documents\Syncios\Contacts.

    Step 4. Visit and login with the same Microsoft ID that you have synced with the People app.

    Step 5. Click on “Manage” on the top and click on Import Contacts.

    Step 6. Choose "Other".

    Tips: In this page, you are also able to sync contacts from Outlooks, Google, Yahoo, Windows Live Mails to People App. 60fps video converter

    Step 7.Browse and import the CSV file from your computer. It might take some time for the contacts to be updated in the People app in your computer.

    For Android user, please refer to: how to sync Android contacts to Windows 10 People App.

  6. Hamcewre

    If you want to say the contacts on the Android to the iPhone, this is a way for you , you can do it with a software I used. Using USB or sending contacts directly to the PC, and convert them to the format that are available for PC, iPhone ,