Video recording on my new iPad

Hi again guys.

So I’m looking for you guys to tell me what I want to hear, that I did the right thing here. As you might know by a recent post I made, I just got a refurbished iPad.

I wanted to create a new video for my YouTube channel, and I thought, what the heck, why not try using the iPad, since it records at 1080p, and the device I normally use (which is the only thing I have) is a Flip recorder, which does 720p. (Not knocking it; it’s nice for what it is, but they don’t even make these things anymore.)

But, wow. Have you guys ever tried using a tablet like this? It’s a bit … awkward? I have a mount/adapter that lets me put the iPad on top of my tripod, so I did that. It actually works, but … then I had to figure out how to orient the darn thing, which was more awkwardness, because it’s this big flat slab instead of an ordinary camera.

So I ended up recording some video, and it worked. Now for some more fun. Transferring it to my PC.

I installed iTunes, but no matter what, I could not get either one of my Windows 10 PCs to establish a connection with the iPad. What worked: Uploading the video to iCloud, and downloading it again on the PC.

Success. And the video quality is … okay. Kind of grainy. (Don’t know if that’s my fault or not.) Can I just chalk this up to the fact that this is a mobile device? I can only assume that maybe video recording on a tablet is usually an afterthought.

But then I had an epiphany later that night. I just decided, what the hell, why don’t I check out Best Buy’s website to see if there’s a new digital 1080p camcorder I can afford. And sure enough, there was an entry by Sony just under the $200 mark that had positive reviews everywhere I looked. Ordered it.

I guess the point is … I can only assume that getting the right tool for the job is the way to go. The quality MUST be better. And more straightforward to import/manipulate.

I pick it up tomorrow — looking forward to it very much.

I *am* doing the right thing, right? Right? 🙂

P.S. Still love the iPad.

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  • jimchamplin

    Premium Member
    23 June, 2018 - 7:32 pm

    <p>One nice thing about working with video on iPad is that you can get software to edit it without Xfering it to PC.</p>

  • Gregory Steeno

    26 June, 2018 - 10:30 am

    <p>Naive question:</p><p><br></p><p>Are you recording facing the front camera (720p) or rear (1080p)?</p><p><br></p><p>Might not be ideal, but there are third-party add-ons / lenses that *might* help and would be cheaper than a separate camcorder.</p><p><br></p><p>And there are plenty of tutorial sites for ipad owners.</p><p><br></p><p>Good luck! </p>

    • ErichK

      Premium Member
      26 June, 2018 - 11:24 am

      <blockquote><a href="#286292"><em>In reply to SteenMachine:</em></a></blockquote><p>Pretty sure I used the rear, but it's moot now since I picked up the Sony camcorder Sunday afternoon and have already set it up and tested it. Works great!</p><p><br></p><p>It's better this way anyway, as I've been kind of wanting a proper 1080p recording device for some time now.</p>

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