But it’s a Mac


Last week I heard on Windows Weekly that Paul had been given a Mac by Intel. Not just any old Mac but an M1 MacBook Pro.

This week a preliminary review turned up on the site. A comparison between an Intel based PC and the new M1 Macbook Pro. I am certainly not a Macbook expert but, in terms of pricing and features, they seemed similarly equipped. I come at this as a PC user on Windows 10. Windows has been my OS of choice for many years. Primarily because I work in enterprise IT and you really need to use what your customers use and what you support.

Of course, the M1 Macs have come with some considerable hype. There are many YouTube videos promoting a revolution of ARM processors. So, I am interested at whether the hype is real.

I start from the position that, in business, the PC isn’t disappearing. Many home users have a PC budget that is nowhere near the price of any M1 Mac. On the other hand we also see that Chromebooks are making a niche out of appealing to a cloud based future and easy manageability. I also think that today’s Ultrabook designs are a direct response to PCs like the MacBook Air.

I think the failure Windowsphone and Windows still being embedded in just one form factor also says to me that people don’t really care about operating systems. People run applications. In the past Windows has benefitted from having a vast applications library. In business it benefits from running line of business applications. On MacOS you can get Microsoft Office and a number of capable web browsers. If this is all someone needs, then a new M1 MacBook Air is very favourably priced at the premium end of a home user budget. The same place as a Surface Laptop.

It seems to all boil down to whether you can use MacOS. That seems about it.

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