10 Signs the Apple Ship is Sinking!


Over the years, Apple has always been the leader in the innovation. However, lately, Apple has begun faltering in a lot things. Here are the top signs, the “Apple Ship” is sinking.

  1. Root, This is a major, absurd flap by Apple, and a one of many cracks forming in their tight ship.
  2. The iPhone X. The iPhone X is frankly terrible looking. It has a noticeable notch on the top, and they removed the finger print reader. The iPhone X looks like a prototype phone to be honest
  3. Mac OS: Mac OS is stuck in the 2000s with it’s dated UI. Many UI elements have not changed in 15 years.
  4. It’s product lineup. Apple has a frankly lackluster product lineup compared to others. They have the regular iMac, Macbook, iPad, and iPhone. This is the same lineup from 7 years ago. They have not made anything truly revolutionary.
  5. The slowing of iPhones. This is definitely a big crack in Apple’s ship. To slow down people’s phones, without them knowing, is terrible. Isn’t iOS a lightweight mobile OS already?
  6. The Macbook Pro keyboards. The new Macbook Pro keyboards are truly awful. They offer no tactile feedback or resistance. To implement such a keyboard on a “Pro” device, is another crack in the Apple ship
  7. The regular iPhone. Apple is still selling the dated looking iPhone 8, alongside the improved iPhone X with the edgless display. If Apple wants to innovate, they should go all in, and retire the old iPhone design
  8. Headphone jack. There is no rationale to remove a tried and true IO port on a phone, like the headphone jack. Especially, if the USB C offers the same audio quality. Also, now users have to buy a dongle to charge their phone and listen to music, simultaneously.
  9. The iPad Pro. Apple continues to tout the iPad Pro as a PC replacement. Yet, it can’t do a lot of the things a Macbook or Windows PC can, like heavy duty tasks.
  10. Value and competitiveness of their products. Back in 2007, the iPhone and Macbooks, were like the Mercedes of tech products. A Dell Inspiron felt like a cheap Hyundai Accent in comparison. Now in 2017, there are so many other excellent laptops and smartphones, that really give Apple’s bread and butter products, a run for their money!

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