Apple iTunes 4K video rant


I just bought a cool new High Dollar Samsung 8 Series 4K HDR TV over at the Costco! Problem. Most of my video content has been purchased over the years from Apple iTunes. As of January 11, 2017 Apple is the only major company on earth not supporting 4K. BOOOOOO!

I have done many Google searches and all I’m finding are Apple apologist web sites telling me that upscaled 1080p is just as good as 4K and I can’t tell the difference [FACT CHECK FALSE]. These very same web sites are littered with FAKE NEWS articles dating back to 2015 touting rumors that a 4K Apple TV would be released in weeks if not months. Where are the follow up articles saying “Oops, my source lied”?

Seriously, has anyone heard any actual facts from the company? Everyone is assuming they are working on 4K but I can find no evidence of this from Apple itself. Here are the 2 big questions that Apple must address before I can purchase anything more from Apple:

(1) If I buy a current 4th generation Apple TV will it get a software upgrade for 4K and HDR?

(2) If I purchase video content in HD right now, will I be able to stream it in 4K HDR when available or, will I have to buy it again later?

Sorry for the rant but I had to post my frustration somewhere. HeHeHe…

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