I chided the "Mac Pro in 2019" news, but Apple’s Pro Worfklow Team should encourage the Apple faithful (and scare Panos Panay)


In a comment this morning I was kind of tough on Apple when I heard that the Mac Pro would be a 2019 product, six years after the last (failed) design.

But reading this piece by Matthew Panzarino made me sit up. In it he reveals Apple’s new Pro Workflow Team, which has brought together Apple engineers with actual pro users to optimize the platform from top to bottom.

“And we’ve brought in some pretty incredible talent, really masters of their craft. And so they’re now sitting and building out workflows internally with real content and really looking for what are the bottlenecks. What are the pain points. How can we improve things. And then we take this information where we find it and we go into our architecture team and our performance architects and really drill down and figure out where is the bottleneck. Is it the OS, is it in the drivers, is it in the application, is it in the silicon, and then run it to ground to get it fixed.”

This is the kind of thing that Windows’ professional users (as well as ideally the Surface team’s target market) would love to hear in light of the recent doom and gloom around the “decapitation” and “demotion” (Paul’s words) of Windows.

This level of focus on executing against pro users’ needs should also give Panos and team a kick in the pants. They’ve been enjoying a recent narrative about how Microsoft (and Windows) was stealing some of the Apple mojo and turning heads within the desirable creative professional class, fueled in part by things like Surface Studio and Surface Book 2– but also a wide range of extremely powerful and flexible Windows machines.

Read the article and let is know what you think:


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