Syncing contacts between iOS and account


I recently got the new Outlook Mail experience and updated my phone to iOS 10. Now I am having strange issues with contact sync where every once and a while my iPhone will not be able to see any of my contacts on my account.

Has anyone else had this or similar issues? Did you fix it? Is the problem on Microsoft’s or Apple’s end?

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    Yes, I am having this issue too since the other day when getting upgraded. Messaging app will drop the persons name. To fix I go back to my email settings, turn off Contact sync (which will then prompt you to delete them), go back to messages, then go back to settings, turn contacts back on and it pulls them back down. Sometimes you have to do this like 5 times to get everyone.

    Also, my contact pictures didn't migrate which was frustrating.

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    Happened again today. The other frustrating thing is if some of these contacts have a Skype account, my messages app now shows them with their Skype name i.e. live:blahblahblah.


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    I found that syncing contacts with my live account was a nightmare on iPhone. One of the things that I could never get to work properly was contact photo sync. I finally gave up and just transfered all of my contacts to iCloud. I still use for email and calendar, but Apple won as far as my contacts go. 

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    Depends...How'd you do the contacts sync?

    and are you referring to existing contacts not appearing or new contacts not syncing?

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      I added my Live account in settings and checked 'Sync Contacts'


      I can tell there is an issue because I'll open my Messages and all the contact names are missing, only raw phone numbers. Eventually they'll come back but I don't know why or what the issue was.

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    iOS 10 seems to have some syncing issues with IMAP, CardDav, etc. protocols. I'm not having contact syncing problems, but I am having trouble organizing my email into archive folders. I can only assume Apple will address these problems with a fix soon.

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