When in comes to tablets and computers, Apple has no strategy


Apple’s phone strategy is solid and sound, the iPhone will be a powerhouse for the foreseeable future. But when it comes to tablets and computers, their strategy, well, they don’t even have a strategy at all!

For the iPad, initially they were adamant that the iPad was strictly a tablet and they won’t attempt to turn it into a hybrid because toaster fridges are stupid, then the iPad Pro and now iOS 11 happened, so clearly they’ve changed their mind. I tried out the new 12″ iPad Pro yesterday and as excellent as it is (I gave the software a pass because iOS 11 isn’t out yet), it’s a poor excuse for a laptop. No USB C port, no trackpad (this company is famous for having the best trackpads) and the keyboard is a joke compared to a Macbook keyboard. So I read about what people think of the keyboard for the iPad Pros and one point I saw brought up many times was “Apple won’t put out a great macbook-like keyboard because they don’t want you to use the iPad Pro as a laptop, they want you to buy a Macbook if you want a laptop”.

But this just isn’t true! Apple REALLY doesn’t want you to buy a Macbook. They refuse to make touchscreen macs, and they know this is crippling. They are deliberately not putting out modern Macbook Airs, because they want you to buy an iPad Pro. The uselessly small mini Macbook (which is way over priced) still has a 480p FaceTime camera… I could go on and on.

It seems like Apple is having some kind of struggle, they don’t want to make a firm decision. So we have this mess, both the iPad and Macbooks aren’t ‘complete’. This is a real shame because I think an iPad Pro with a USB-C port and detachable Macbook keyboard would sell like hot cakes, I’d certainly buy one. Instead, I’m getting one of the Surface Pro clones that has a USB C port, which are magical, amazing devices. If you’re having a hard time choosing between a iPad Pro or Macbook, I suggest you do the same. The HP and Samsung look especially nice.

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