What to know about switching to Mac?


I made a post a while ago about purchasing a Mac and everyone had some great tips and recommendations, thanks.

Now I’m thinking about ok what happens once I purchase my Mac Mini? What should I expect? How do I get my files on my Windows laptop onto my Mac? I have an Office 365 subscription so I have that 1TB of OneDrive back up and I could download everything that way? But will I want iCloud for photos, videos and documents since I’ll have an iPhone and Mac Mini? Would that be better as it was designed for Apple products? But I really like Microsoft services. Who knows I might just jump to all Apple services lol. What’s the quickest way to find out what software installed on my pc if it works on Mac or if there’s an alternative to it, any websites that have all that information? I just started looking all this up tonight. Just thought it’d be nice to pick the brain of this knowledgeable community as well.

A big question I have is how do I handle my pictures and videos I have about 210 GB of photos and about 50 GB of video. How does that “store” on Mac with iCloud. Does it just sit on the iCloud exclusively and not on my Mac? And I just view them on the cloud when I open Photos on my iPhone? And it iCloud as reliable as OneDrive?

For those are curious why I want to switch it’s several reasons: I want to dabble in making apps for iOS, I’m a tech geek, I like how Apple is more (not 100%) privacy focused, and I just want to try something new tech wise. I’ve been a Windows and Android person for years until I got my iPhone 8 Plus.

Thanks in advance!

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