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Hi all,

Just a small point of feedback on the website redesign, which if fixed would make a big difference for me personally. I can’t seem to add pictures on the forum, so I’ll simply explain.

When on a mobile phone, if you go to the “Blog” page (which shows only articles and nothing else), for example by clicking “View all articles” on the front page, only a few words of every article title are shown. The titles are cut off after about five words, which means that it is often difficult to assess whether you want to open the article or not. This matters to me as I prefer to only use the Blog page, which I have favourited and which I open multiple times per day to check for new interesting articles.

This issue does not exist on the front page, where those same titles are shown in full (except for sometimes the first, most recent, article, which is formatted differently than the others). For example, currently the front page shows the article “Oreo’s Special Edition Xbox Cookies Let You Unlock Game Skins and More” whereas on the Blog page the title is “Oreo’s Special Edition Xbox Cookies…”, which is of course meaningless. The same goes for the article “Microsoft Says Surface Duo Remains ‘Important’ Despite Dwindling Stocks”, which on the Blog page is shown as “Microsoft Says Surface Duo Remain…”.

Changing the title display behaviour to allowing for two lines of title (for example) instead of cutting of the title after a few words seems like a quick win to me – I hope it can be done!

PS: I am using a Galaxy S21. So not one of the huge phones, but not a tiny one either.

Thank you!


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