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Evidently the Mobile Nations sites (e.g. Windows Central, Android Central, iMore, etc.) now auto-detect dark mode on your device and update the site accordingly. Can we please get that to happen here? Reading mode does help with the articles, but that doesn’t help with the home page or with the forums. See announcement Tweet and example image:


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  1. coeus89

    A few weeks ago Paul suggested an add-on for browsers that works pretty well. It's called Dark Reader. You can configure it on a site by site basis if you wish. You should give that a look.

  2. kevin_costa

    I asked Paul about a Dark Mode for Thurrott.com in one of the "Ask Paul" posts months ago. He said that he is planning something like that for the future. I'm thinking it will be implemented probably when the new Petri design comes to Thurrott.com next year.

  3. Lordbaal

    I hate dark mode. White text on a black background just hurt my eyes sometimes.

    Not every dark mode is the same. Some are black. Some are light black. Some are grey.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    So, this has come up every once in a while for the past year or more. It's coming, but it won't be until 2020 when we're done overhauling Petri.com and can focus on Thurrott.com. It's on the list.

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