Editing Comments Broken


Editing comments works sorta. It doesn’t work with newlines, e.g.,

soft newline to here

hard newline to here

like those. Newlines/paragraphs can be added to new posts/comments/replies, but the Edit feature seems to ignore both soft [Shift]+[Enter] and hard [Enter] newlines. PITA. Makes it necessary to copy previous comments/replies, delete, and create new comments/replies.

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  1. 5615

    Yes, editing Forum comments does not work as expected. When I edited a one-paragraph comment by adding additional paragraphs (and some bullet points), it ended up mashing everything into one unbroken "paragraph." I had to use the "copy, delete original comment, create new comment" kludge.

  2. 49

    Noted, pinged the dev...thx.