FYI: All Basic Users Can Now Read Three Premium Articles A Month


Hey Everyone,

One of the big asks we received when we launched premium was a trial of the offering. With the re-launch of the site, every registered user can now read/watch three premium pieces of content each month.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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6 responses to “FYI: All Basic Users Can Now Read Three Premium Articles A Month”

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    the only thing I hate about this, is the read more. I hate when sites do that.

    But when I was looking for one to read from a couple weeks ago, I tapped the older post, the page reloaded with numbers. Instead of just going to the previous page.

    I on my Windows phone. I don't know if that also does that on the desktop.

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    Some months all I read are 3 premium articles. I'm wondering if I could have just skipped my subscription now...

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    Bob Shutts

    This makes sense to me. Seems like a good "middle ground."

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    Otto Gunter

    Good idea, I appreciate it and, who knows, you may get a few more subscribers when we want more...

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