Premium articles on iOS Safari doesn’t scale



just noticed (2016-10-04 15:05 UTC) that all Premium articles are displayed too wide on my iPhone SE. All open articles show up fine (i.e. scaling to the device width).


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  1. 469

    yep... Same on iPhone 6 too.  Almost fits if you turn to landscape mode, but not quite.

  2. 5161

    Same on my 5S. Was trying to read Paul's NES article. 

  3. 5161

    Reader mode fixes the problem for now. 

  4. 661

    this needs addressing.

    same problem on Lumia 640


  5. 742

    Yes, this is also happening on my Lumia 950 (Version 1607)

  6. 316

    I have the same thing on my... BlackBerry :)

    But the browser's "reader" mode always makes it readable if I select that view.

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