Site updates for the week of 10/10/16


Bug Fixes

  • Cleaned up various “under the hood” issues. These are all very mundane and minor and not something users would see.  (If I were a mechanic, i’d charge you $3,000 for these vague fixes).
  • Resolved an issue in FireFox that was impacting user’s ability to flip between different comment threads
  • Addressed a pagination issue on category pages.
  • Non admins were not able to correctly edit comments (all formatting was lost), this has been fixed.


  • We have RSS feed’s for the First Ring Daily
  • You could arguably file this under a bug fix but the search menu has made its return
  • You can now edit forum posts
  • Comment counts on the Podcast Widget on the homepage now links to the comments section of the podcast

In The Pipeline

  • The Thurrott Now micro blogging functionality is complete but needs a little more testing
  • User notifications on comment/thread replies
  • Thread Subscriptions
  • Signatures in Forums
  • Secret new page we think you’ll enjoy
Comments (4)

4 responses to “Site updates for the week of 10/10/16”

  1. 6308

    The text input field for comments still has some major issues:

    • spell checker doesnt work in Edge
    • in Touch Mode the keyboard doesn't open
  2. 661

    thank you for your work

    I was wondering if the login could be more touch friendly? it appears when the mouse hovers over it but when I use touch, i cannot easily enter the information in the username password fields using the on screen keyboard. This is from Windows 10 tablets.