Site updates for the week of 10/24/16


So there has been a pretty good amount of travel on the team, myself included.  The net result is some great ideas in the pipeline but a little less output on the development side.

One example is the Thurrott Now microblogging.  Critical funcitonality is complete but upon testing with the team we weren’t completely happy with the user experience and we’ve come up with some pretty great ideas (we think, we’re not bias though).

Anyways. Go Cubs!  On with the show…

Bug Fixes

  • Browser Spell check should now work properly across all browsers in comment/forum entries
  • Some users had missing Alpha numbers.  The cause of this was identified and has been addressed.  A net effect of this is that a small number of users numbers were also incorrect.  For the most part, these users have smaller numbers now.
  • Alpha member’s subscription dates are now correct and based off the October 3rd launch date (rather than your original purchase date).


  • Layout selection is now persistent for all users.
  • We have dramatically changed the log in experience.  We feel it is more user friendly.
  • Coupon functionality is now in place.  Keep your eyes peeled for deals.

In The Pipeline

  • Thurrott Now Micro Blog
  • Live chat on the first ring daily
  • Improved account management
  • Monthly Thurrott Premium Subscriptions
  • Improved sorting on comments
  • Comment/Forum notifications
  • Cubs World Series Win


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