Thurrott Now navigation is no fun


You click into Thurrott Now, read through the posts, then you need to scroll back up to the top and find the tiny little calendar icon and select a specific day to see additional posts. Why is there a date picker in a micro blog? Just have a continuous scroll or else some kind of obvious navigation tool when you reach the bottom (e.g. “Older Posts”). If you really want the date picker, how about giving it a little color and making it persistent so you can at least hit it without scrolling back up.

Also, is there no way to just have the comments hide/expand? If you want to read or add comments you need to click through to a separate page, then click back to the feed. Honestly that’s a lot of extra clicking when each post is so short.

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7 responses to “Thurrott Now navigation is no fun”

  1. Lewk

    I totally agree. I love the new Feature, but navigation is woeful. Not to mention that living in Australia, it selects my day (being a day ahead) and shows a blank page when going to Thurrott Now because all the new articles are posted in US time which is the day before for me. Extremely annoying, especially on mobile.

  2. Brad Sams

    Good feedback, will bring it up with the team and see what we can do.

  3. Wizzwith

    Agree on both points, especially the comment hide/expand.

  4. madthinus

    Would prefer the feature to work more like a twitter feed and less like a webpage. Latest post first and the rest just loading in as you scroll.

  5. Vincent Legrand

    Any chance to get a shortcut in the hamburger menu? Scrolling all the way down to the section is a pain on mobile

  6. colmob

    Agreed; where are we with this, Paul & friends? This needs to be a continuous scroll, or at least have easy back-forward arrows to navigate. If back-forward, please skip empty days. Also would be very useful to have an RSS feed.

    To emphasize, I really like and enjoy the Thurrott Now -content-, I just dislike the nav so much that I mostly don't use it or get value from it.