What features are we missing, what do you want to see added?


Welcome to the new forums, are we missing a feature you want or have an idea about how to make this place better? Please use this thread to capture those ideas.



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    Is there a way to edit your own posts that I'm not seeing? If not, that would be a wonderful thing to add.

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      Yes definetly need an edit function.

      Signatures, so people can see your kit you have, always useful at a glannce or when helping.
      Does not seem to be any spellchecking going on or available either?

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      +1 for editing posts

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      In reply to prjkthack:

      Exactly that is a glaring omission.

      Also what is the P that appears at the bottom left of the input box?

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    I think an e-mail alert function would be great to have.  That way, if there's a thread that I'm interested in, I will know when a new post was made or even when a response was made to a question that I posted.  Example: I posted a question shortly after the forums went live, but I wasn't aware till just now (later in the afternoon) that a response was made.

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    A way to edit posts would be nice.

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    I would like to also suggest  a Linux forum section. While the majority of Thurrott readers are Windows users and fans like me. Microsoft is embracing Linux more by integrating bash into Windows 10. There are some Microsoft products available on Linux like Skype!

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    Email me when a post of mine is replied to?

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    I think it is a good idea to combine free and premium comments. The way it is right now, it comes across as if premium comments are better than free comments, when they are really not.

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      Not to mention not being able to reply to Premium members creates two seperate silos of commentation. 

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      On the forums there is one comment thread so premium users don't get any special treatment there aside from notation that they are premium.  The premium users do have a premium forum where they can play.

      The comments on blog posts do have two sperate threads so Premium users have their own thread if they like.  They can participate in either thread.

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        Totally disagree with segergating premium and non-premium post comments. Looks daft, old-fashioned and adds an extra layer of clutter.

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      Absolutely. Segregating communities after all has such a rich and successful history, right?

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      In reply to polloloco51:

      Agree, maybe show all with a  "Premium" Filter option for those who want. Find the split threads confusing as to who see's what.

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    Also I'd like a feature to make it so that Brad's face isn't looking at me all the time.

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      I'm working on the "real life" version of this feature first.

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      That is kinda creepy on how big it is.   Plus it's a "serial killer" type of photo from the Most Wanted Wall :)

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    Is the support section intented for personal tech support questions or just forum support?

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    Signatures would be nice.

    How else am I going to use this forum to shill BuildFeed with every post?

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    Would prefer to see comments sorted by date by default, or at least remember my selection when I click the sort option.

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      I agree with the "remember my selection" functionality.  I just added this to the repo...stay tuned.

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    More distinction between the username and "Alpha Member" text would be nice. Hard to read just the username of someone right now, maybe just make Alpha member text lighter or darker? We already have the icon, don't think the text needs to be that much emphasized.

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    Suggestion: Allow display name on Forums to be username or Full Name (and/or allow Username changes).

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    As I'm already a premium member, could the top right ad banner be removed, when I'm logged in?

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    What about a spot to post questions for Paul's other podcasts? Since he posts new episodes on this site I would expect a section for those as well as the new one and Brad's.

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    Sooner or later, we'll want forum search.

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      Absolutely.  I think it'll be a good idea for us to create a way to communicate what's in the pipeline but there are some basic forum-like features that are planned: Thread Subscriptions Forum Search User notifications (comment replies)
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        +1 on User Notifications.  I had to go back this morning not realizing I would not get a notification on a thread I had started.  Made me feel like a dou$$ because people took the time to respond and I was MIA.

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    I really don't need to see "Alpha Member #nnnn" alongside my name.  The alpha overlay on the profile pic is quite sufficient.  The number itself is completely irrelevant.

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    Are you missing features?  You are kidding - correct?


    Look at https://answers.microsoft.com for an example of a forum sight of average quality.

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    As far as I can tell - there is no spell check and there is no way to edit a previously posted post.

    So, I would suggest your system is below average in functionality.


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    Spellchequeing doungnut seem tool bee working ...

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    Is there a subscribe to post option so we can know when new posts are made to a thread?

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    Having as others have said a Edit and a "Like" comment

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    An easy (or more obvious) way to download podcasts. I'm in a rural area with a satellite account with data caps, so much of the time I'm throttled to 200kbps (after exhausting my data cap), which makes watching your videos almost impossible. Either that, or force Vimeo to buffer more of the video. I can pause YouTube and allow it to buffer enough that I can watch most videos to the end without interruption.

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    Im trying to run a post/ thread as a WP guy going to Andriod. A feature to show ive updated it with how its going. 

    The only other way i feel to put out there how I'm doing is starting a new thread/post with update in the title.

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    Looks like spammers at work!  All should be lined up and de-materialized.

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    I would like to suggest someway to filter read threads vs unread threads instead of seeing all of them in a given forum.

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    I haven't figured out how to make the site water the plants on my desk yet....

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    im a newbie so its entirely possible i'm missing it. is there a way to search content on the home page?

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    Login isn't complete. I signed in with twitter. So now when I sign in, I have to go back to the registration page. Then once I say sign in with twitter. It doesn't redirect me back to the previous page.
    Login with twitter(and the others) should be an option at the top, when we click log in.

    I think they should only be 1 comments section. Not 2.
    Non premis should be able to reply to premis.
    Why do you have 2 different one anyway?
    You shouldn’t segregate.
    We can't edit our comments.
    When someone replies to my comment, I don't get an email like with disqus.
    A new line is just like office. Where you have a big space between lines.
    We can't block people, so I can't block trolls.
    I prefer the old disqus.

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      When I load up the site in chrome on my phone I don't the option to log in via anything other than the site. i.e. no twitter.

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    Perhaps a website suggestion rather than a forum one, but I think a calendar page could be fun. You and Paul could use it to show the dates you're doing things like 

    - Meetups 
    - Live podcasts and speaking at events
    - Attending conferences, or providing coverage of them on the site

    Could also include the days that The Sams Report / First Ring Daily / WW / What The Tech are recorded on, similar to the TWiT schedule https://twit.tv/schedule. Would be interesting to be able to quickly see what's coming up. 

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    Not sure if it is there or not but a means to mark all the posts as read and an email notification of a reply to my posts would be nice.

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    Need a way to hide all these awful alpha member cubes (or make them proper smaller cubes) Need a way to strip the "Alpha Member" labels/numbers. Comment text is strangely dynamic in each post. Sometimes it's 14px. Or 16px. I think I'm supposed to have a blue checkmark.
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    How about a tab of the Premium Content?

  33. 1377

    Will there be a way to upvote/downvote Forum ORIGINAL posts rather than just comments? If there already is, where?

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    In the Thurrott site's front-end, formerly when one clicked on the comments link below article titles, the article would open AND would scroll down to the comments section. Now it only opens the article. Maybe this changes next week when the new site front-end debuts.

    I guess alpha members are paying alpha testers.

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    Is there a way to see Premium content only?  A link that would show just the premium content stories?  (Not sure if this is already mentioned or reuqested as I didn't read through the entire thread.)



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    ability to search site for previous or older articles

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    Well, you have those nice monitors or televisions behind you in your studios and maybe we can get a little more graphic support for what you are talking about during the podcasts. I noticed Paul has usually chosen a picture and Brad has the generic Thurrott.com logo or something up there. I know it's more work but those nice monitors seem wasted so far.

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    Really need search functionality- unless I'm missing the link?


    would be really useful to be able to search through all of the article archives.



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    Brad, I don't see a way to search the website. Maybe I"m missing something, but if I want to find, for example the information on the intel nuc that Paul is using, how do I find that article(s).

  40. 1377

    Either thread comment replies to other comments correctly or don't include a Reply link in comments.

    Seriously: was the new comment system actually tested before debut? If it was, this is what you meant to give us?

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    When I look at my account, have a tab there that displays all of my comments on each article and forum posts?

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    Add the "Forums" header to Home page for quick access

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      This will be added soon, wanted to keep it a bit closed off to make sure there were not any huge bugs at launch. 

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    I'd like to see Markdown support for the forums. In my experience having a WYSIWYG HTML editor is always problematic.


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    Having media embedding (video) would be cool

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    When I register an account, United States should be selected automatically. USA #1.

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      Agreed, this is annoying on most every site. The site should do a geo lookup based on your IP address and put the country you are in at the top of the list. 

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      There are other nations on the planet as you should know as an ex-Brit!

      • 413

        Navarac, it's like the tree falling in a forest when no one is around....  Us Americans have brain washed the "newly blessed" citizens to renounce the rest of the world.

        It's under the Ego Section of your "American Card"  :)

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    Can we have a "signature" feature that gets added to every post we make on the forum? It really comes in handy in cases where an MSFT employee needs to post his or her own personal comment on a thread. MSFT requires that an explicit disclosure be made in such circumstances. If there is a way we can set a signature, that disclaimer can be put there. 


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      Currently the top-voted comment in this thread Signature Feature Request.  I'm for it!  

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        I'm not. So many times you end up with forums when the majority of the entries are taken over by signatures with graphics, links, and in general just advertising. 

        I think it will spoil the clean look of the comments etc. 

        if you do implement this please restrict it to just text and not graphics. 

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      In reply to venuvedam:

      Only as long as the preference to not show signatures is there too...

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    perhaps it is me - but when accessing this site on a tablet, the login is not touch friendly and I have yet to successfully login as premium using touch.

    with a mouse, the login appears when the point hovers over it and then a click logs in. with finger, not so easy

    recommendations here http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/ie/forum/ie10-windows_8/what-is-the-touch-gesture-equivalent-to-a-mouse/2650ff4f-ad21-4779-ac0f-4c0daec692da do not work for the login on this site.


    what should I be doing?

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      A few people have reported this. I am working with our front-end dev to fix this.  I'm also going to pitch a new log-in "screen" to the team tonight that would address this as well. 

      Stay tuned.  

      If you'd like to be notified of this fix, email [email protected] and I'll tie your help-ticket to the issue in our repo and you would be notified when the issue is closed (it would then be pushed out in the next code push).


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    I'd rather see the breadcrumb "Forums > Community Feedback > Dev > [message] act as links rather than present menu options.

    E.g. From this message clicking on "Community Feedback" should take me there not present a fly-out menu to pick it from.

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    what is missing?

    Well a proper comment system, a better forum and a proper web design that is clean, easy to navigate has a font size that is readable and zero hamburger menus. Basically everything the old site had, as nothing has been improved with the change, and it sure does not feel Premium, it feels like there is a beta logo missing on the site at the moment